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The Trenches at Home: House, Senate Agree to Deal on VA Reform

While the House Veterans Affairs Committee waits to pass a bill aimed at preventing suicide,  the top concern of Veterans according to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America’s 2014 member survey. However, it does seem that the Congress is able … Read More

Kingdom of Fear: Getting it Right (Part 2)

While it is actually pretty easy to spot to phony news stories, it can be much more difficult to be discerning about news from reputable news organizations. The Mainstream Media Is Not All Bad (Including Fox News) While journalistic media … Read More

Kingdom of Fear: Everybody Must Get Stoned

While much of the fear-based rhetoric in our political conversation is deliberately meant to keep voters scared in order to turn them out at the polls, there are certain issues where it is more genuine. In certain cases, the politician … Read More

Kingdom of Fear: The Old Enemy is Reborn

Where the crisis in Gaza presents a difficulty for fair, substantive debate in the American news media, the conflict in the Ukraine presents a different sort of challenge. Vladimir Putin has been the first serious leader of Russia since the … Read More

Fifty-Seven Percent of Americans Believe Religion Holds the Answers to “Today’s Problems”

The world we live in today has been shaped by the scientific advancements of our past. We no longer live in fear of smallpox or polio or German measles (rubella). We carry in our pockets a device that can access … Read More

President Obama Gave GOP Ammunition When He Said They’ve Blocked “All” Middle Class Help

In his weekly address, President Obama derided Republicans in the House of Representatives for blocking “every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.” While it has been well-documented that the 113th Congress is the most unproductive in U.S. history, is … Read More

House of Representatives Make It Easier for Banks to Handle Legal Pot Money

With the legal marijuana business in full-swing in two states, Washington and Colorado, the business has been better than anyone thought. In fact, according to a report by Marijuana Business Daily, legal pot sales – both recreational and medicinal-only – … Read More

California Death Penalty Struck Down as Unconstitutional

There has been a big victory for those opposed to the death penalty, although not because of any high moral argument or the staggering amount of death penalty cases that have been overturned by DNA evidence. It’s because California just … Read More

Arizona Republican Running for National Office Confuses YMCA Bus for Migrant Children

Adam Kwasman is a proud Arizona conservative currently seeking the Republican nomination for House of Representatives. In an appearance at a fundraising dinner back in April, he promised to be “a warrior” in Washington, and turn back the tide of … Read More

New Pew Poll Finds American Reputation for Freedom Faded After Snowden Leaks

In what little American Mythology there is the idea of freedom and exceptionalism runs throughout. Across the country and across the globe, America is seen as a place for freedom, opportunity, and the center of all that’s cool. Yet, according … Read More