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Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly Debate Whether or Not “White Privilege” is Real

We’ve discussed the concept of White Privilege before and it’s truly a complex issue. The idea is best applied when examining society-at-large, and can get trickier when the focus is narrowed to the individual. For example, those arguing against the … Read More

Okay, Enough Complaining About Presidential Vacations Already…

The world always appears to be in turmoil, but one could make a hell of case that it really is these last few weeks. Indeterminate war rages across the Middle East from Iraq to Israel, a small town in suburban … Read More

Veterans Watch Their Sacrifice Go Up in Flames as Terror Group Takes Iraq

Iraq was my war. I joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1998, because my last name is “Patton” and I needed help paying for college. Rather than go to active duty, I chose to serve in a Reserve Military Postal … Read More

TransAmerica: Video of Vicious Attack Against Trans Women While Onlookers Cheer

This weekend, we took a wide-angle look at the larger issues about transgender rights and their battle both for societal acceptance and (the very human) battle for self-acceptance. While these issues are worth examining, when discussed in the abstract it … Read More

Father of Isla Vista Victim Sparks Gun Control Movement Destined to Be Ineffective

Since the tragedy in Isla Vista, California this weekend, there have been countless displays of the shooter’s disturbing YouTube videos, discussions about mental health, and a renewed focus on modern misogyny (albeit mostly via social media not the news media). … Read More

The Dangers of (Ignoring) Violent Misogyny: Isla Vista Shooting NOT About Mental Illness

Yesterday, I wrote about how the media covers mass shootings, especially when the shooter leaves behind a trove of crazy rantings like the Isla Vista shooter. However my friend, writer and comedian Liz Labacz, made some points that stuck with … Read More