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All-Female Unit Fighting ISIS In Northern Iraq

ISIS has a new enemy. A group of female fighters has risen up to combat the terrorist group. The group is known as the Kurdistan Workers Party (PPK). They are classified as a terorist group by the United States, Turkey, … Read More

Iran’s President Trolls the Hell out of the GOP Candidates: ‘People of Iran See Them as a Form of Entertainment’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the Republican party “laughable” and a source of “entertainment” for the Iranian people. “Sometimes when I would have time some of [the Republican presidential debates were] broadcast live and I would watch it,” Rouhani told … Read More

Putin Says Obama Isn’t Weak

Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t believe President Barack Obama is weak. Instead, he blamed partisan politics for creating this false narrative. “I don’t think so at all,” the Russian leader said on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” chalking up notions that he … Read More

Trump: GOP Rivals Want to ‘Start World War III Over Syria’

One of Donald Trump’s biggest weaknesses is his knowledge of foreign policy. On Friday, he suggested that the majority of his GOP rivals are looking to start World War III and suggested that the United States let Russia sort out … Read More

U.N. Dreams Big: 17 Huge New Goals to Build a Better World

Earlier in the week, the United Nations issued 17 policy points that they will focus on for the next 15 years. The points include trying to reduce poverty, hunger, improve health conditions, education, gender equality, and more. NPR reports: 1. … Read More

Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin to Meet at U.N. Next Week

President Barack Obama is set to meet with Russian President Vladmir Putin next week at the gathering of the United Nations General Assembly. According to sources, Putin requested the meeting. “Given the situations in Ukraine and Syria, despite our profound … Read More

Trump on National Security: ‘I Don’t Want to Broadcast My Intentions’ Like Obama

Donald Trump appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show on Monday. Previously, Trump and Hewitt had an altercation that saw Trump avoid the show for a lengthy period of time. During the recent episode, Hewitt suggested that he had settled his dispute with … Read More

Rubio: Obama ‘Can’t Seem to Understand’ Putin

The Republican Party loves to blame President Barack Obama for anything that it can. On Monday, Marco Rubio criticized Obama for failing to understand Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “Ever since then-secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a ‘reset’ of relations … Read More

In Midst Of Syrian Refugee Crisis, Secretary Of State John Kerry Proposes Increasing The Number Of Refugees Allowed In The U.S.

As Syria is ravaged by war, politicians in the United States debate how the country will respond to the crisis. Republicans want to bar all refugees from entering the country, suggesting that they are all terrorists and leeches on the … Read More

Obama Increases Number of Syrian Refugees for U.S. Resettlement to 10,000

President Barack Obama is facing pressure to increase the number of Syrian refugees that the United States will take in. In a recent announcement, he told his administration that they will take in over 10,000 Syrians in the next year. … Read More