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Anthony Weiner Appears On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

Anthony Weiner has returned to the spotlight! The controversial Democrat, who infamously flamed out of the New York mayoral race this year after illicit pictures and text messages he sent to other women went viral, appeared last weekend on Real Time With Bill Maher. Maher told Weiner that his sexting scandal “wasn’t that awful” and that the country “needs to grow up.” It also marked the first time in months that Weiner publicly addressed his indiscretions.

In the interview, Weiner acknowledged that what he did was wrong and said he regretted his actions. “I have done so much damage and, frankly, I take responsibility for all the things that I did,” he said. . I wanted to give the voters a chance to hear what I wanted to do for the city. But ultimately the judgment that they passed was that ‘you’re wrong,’ what I did was pretty bad.

Maher joked that Weiner “had a hobby that was a little offbeat,” but said that voters should have acknowledged that relapses for any addiction can and do happen. “Like no one has ever relapsed to a bad habit,” said the late night host. “It took me eight years to quit smoking. I mean, everybody who has ever been a drunk, a gambler or a cokehead knows that it doesn’t happen the first time.” He also lamented that the Democratic party has lost “too much talent” due to sex scandals.

Weiner, a former congressman, first resigned from office in June 2011 after acknowledging that he had sent explicit photos and exchanges with six women over the previous three years, but did not engage in sex with any of them.” He returned to politics this year after declaring he had been going through counseling and therapy, but found himself in a similar scandal last July after he sent explicit photos to a woman while using the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.” The pair had contact with each other as recently as two months prior.

(Photo: Reuters)

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