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Will Republicans Prevent Extreme Fringes From Gaining Political Ground?

Can Republicans eliminate their most extreme political candidates? Republican party leaders are now looking to try and have more viable and moderate politicians square off against democrats in political elections, fully aware that aspects of the Republican movement like the Tea Party only harm them in the long run.

The debate on how to do this intensified last week when Tea Party Republican candidate Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, who ran for governor of Virginia, lost due to his extreme views. Democrats continued to point in his vehement opposition to abortion and controversial views on contraception, as well as statements in which he seemed to liken immigration policy to pest control.

Last week, Mitt Romney said that Republicans need to overhaul their nominating process for the upcoming Presidential election in order to attract a wide range of voters and win back control from the Democrats. Montana and Utah have also begun pushing for similar measures.

However, many Republicans argue that the views of groups like the Tea Party are becoming progressively legitimized. Democrat Terry McAuliffe only beat Cuccinelli by 55,000 votes and could have potentially won had there not been a Libertarian also competing in the race. Texas Se. Ted Cruz and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul are also tea party extremists.

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