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Will Elizabeth Warren Run For President?

Will Elizabeth Warren run for President? An increasing number of progressives are encouraging Warren to try and make a bid for the 2016 Presidency, with the popular Massachusetts Senator being viewed as a more liberal alternative to Hilary Clinton. Although Clinton is widely regarded as a front runner for the Presidency and a lock for the Democratic nomination, many people believe Warren would be a viable option if Clinton decided not to run.

“She has an immense — I can’t put it in words — a sense of destiny,” a former Warren aide said to the New Republic. “”If Hillary or the man on the moon is not representing her stuff, and her people don’t have a seat at the table, she’ll do what she can to make sure it’s represented.”

Warren’s stock rose immensely due to a speech she gave during last month’s government shutdown, in which the Senator slammed the “hostage taking” approach of the Republican party. However, she has not expressed any public interest in pursuing a Presidential run.

“Hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can’t otherwise win their fights through elections, can’t win their fights in Congress, can’t win their fights for the Presidency, and can’t win their fights in Courts,” Warren said. “For this right-wing minority, hostage-taking is all they have left – a last gasp of those who cannot cope with the realities of our democracy.”

Although Clinton has said she won’t make a decision on running for President until next year, political fundraising campaigns have already started raising money for her potential run and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has already endorsed her.

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