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George W. Bush ‘Jews For Jesus’ Speech Sparks Outrage

Former President George H.W. Bush has come under fire for his decision to hold a speech this evening at the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, which is the headquarters for the Christian sect known as Jews for Jesus. The beliefs of Jews for Jesus decree that all Jews must be converted to Christianity in order to hasten the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Guests for the Bush speech are reportedly paying up to $100,000 per person to hear him speak and all the money will go directly towards the Institute. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said she felt the speech was surprising because the goal of an ex-President, “generally speaking, is to do relatively non-controversial good works. Or, if you’re George W. Bush, you could spend that time trying to convert the Jews to Christianity…why on earth would he be doing this? Who told them this was a good idea?”

Jewish leaders have also slammed Bush’s decision to speak at the Institute, with Rabbi David Wolpe of the Sinai Temple in Los Angeles tweeting that the appearance was “infuriating.” The Anti-Defamation League said in a statement they were “disappointed” the former President would give a speech “at a fundraising event for an evangelical proselytizing group who state goal is to convert Jews to Christianity.”

Since his Presidency ended in 2008, Bush has kept a fairly low profile. He has primarily stayed in the Dallas area and only occasionally given public speeches. He also launched his Presidential library and released a memoir entitled Decision Points.

(Photo: Reuters)


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  • Ken B Brown

    Poor form “W”.

  • Luis Alfredo Martinez

    He has never been known for been smart.

  • Paulette Dean

    I was never a G.W. fan, in fact I voted against him in both elections, but I see nothing wrong with him wanting to convert Jews to Jesus – leave him alone on this one.

    • Aloanstar

      Why convert anyone to anything? I think all religions are silly, but “all Jews must be converted to Christianity in order to hasten the rapture and the second coming of jesus christ” is a bit over the top….really? He was the POTUS for 2 terms and he believes this garbage?? I find a lot wrong with it….very wrong.



  • Tamara Leamon

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    • JulieRN

      Do you speak Yoda’s language? There seem to be no logical nouns or verbs in your “sentences.”

  • Tamara Leamon

    Thank you christ for bush hid devil

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    Bo ain’t no preacher get off stage

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    • George

      I feel like I just read a transcript of someone having an aneurysm.

  • Tamara Leamon

    They my kin direct decent Judah tribe do do u ain’t Christ nor do u have right to charge for Jesus he free stupid read Bible Jews u babtized in christ its done whole nation

    • JulieRN

      What the hell does all that mean? Maybe it would make more sense if you used decent grammar and some punctuation marks.

    • Charlie

      You are obviously on drugs or having a stroke. Seek medical help.

  • Tamara Leamon

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    • Chris Wegner Boehning

      youbeen drinking during your rant tamara?

  • Brandon Jeffers

    why is when ever someone mentions jews you have to be on pins and needles well i say he is free to say what he feels in his heart to be true.

  • Joel Colquitt

    Poorly written/edited article. Was it George H.W. Bush, as the first sentence invokes, or George W, as the picture and title suggests? Whatever happened to responsible journalism?

    • JulieRN

      It would HAVE to be George W. I’ve heard he believes in that Rapture stuff. And George H.W. is much smarter than his son.

  • kellymitch

    Isn’t it the belief of Christians that unless you are a Christian, you will not go to heaven? The only way to the father is through Christ? So, they would want to spread the good news and convert everyone (Jews included) to Christianity?
    I guess I’m not seeing why this is bad. He didn’t go speak to the KKK….he is speaking to an evangelical group who wishes to convert Jews to Christians? The nerve!

  • Bettie McReynolds

    Who would pay to hear GW Bush speak on anything?