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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Slowly Losing Power With City Council

Things are not getting any better for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. After his admission to smoking crack cocaine last year and bizarre public outbursts in recent weeks, Toronto’s City Council voted yesterday to strip the troubled Mayor of his ability to appoint and dismiss his senior staff. The Toronto City Council also voted 37-5 earlier this week to ask Ford to take a leave of absence from his current position.

Although Ford told reporters that he “perfectly understands where they’re coming from,” he has refused to step down from his current position. During the meeting where his power was stripped yesterday, several council members refused to make eye contact with Ford. City Solicitor Anna Kinastowski said that, “Council delegated these powers and council has the ability to take those powers away.” A separate motion also calls for reallocating the mayor’s office budget away from him and to the city clerk.

He has continued to face allegations of public drunkenness, drug use and both verbally and physically abusing his aides. He also denied sexually harassing a woman earlier this week by declaring that he “gets enough pu**y” at home.” Although Ford acknowledged received that he was receiving some form of unspecified professional help, he called the latest allegations against him “100% false.”

Ford is also reportedly threatening to file legal action against former staffers who claim he drank while driving, in addition to bringing a woman who appeared to be an escort into his office.

(Photo: Reuters)

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