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Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Legal In Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana may soon be introduced to Pennsylvania. Two state senators, one Republican and one Democrat, are working together to introduce a bill that will legalize a certain form of marijuana for medicinal use in Pennsylvania. Sens. Daylin Leach (Dem.) and Mike Folmer (Rep.) are hoping to make legal a compound found in marijuana called cannabidiol, which has all the medical benefits of marijuana without providing a high.

Folmer said that medical marijuana can help benefit children who suffer from potentially deadly seizures and cancer patients who suffer from chemotherapy, as well as those are suffering from AIDS wasting. Leach held a Capitol press conference and two had mothers from Pennsylvania, both of whom have children suffering from epilepsy and a rare seizure disorder called Dravet Syndrome, speak in support of the bill.

Doctors can currently recommend medical marijuana usage in 18 states and the District of Columbia. However, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug, which leaves it in the same category as crack cocaine and heroin. If marijuana were brought down to a Schedule Ii drug, it could easily be prescribed by a doctor.

Montel Williams, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, has become the biggest celebrity advocate to support medical marijuana. Every study the government did from 1937 through 1964 unequivocally said it was a mistake to make marijuana illegal. Since then, you’ll get some studies that go back and forth, but even but even Gen. Barry McCaffrey said in 1980 that it was wrong to not have marijuana at least available for medicinal use,” he said in an interview with The Fix last January. “But the pharmaceutical industry can’t get their cut and until they find a way to do that and have medical marijuana regulated by the FDA, we will still have this problem.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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