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Are Barack Obama’s Approval Numbers Worse Than George W. Bush’s?

Barack Obama’s numbers have fallen to an all-time low for his two terms at the helm. A new survey from CBS News found that only 37 percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing as President, compared to 57 percent of those who disapprove. The low numbers come as the rollout of ObamaCare continues to be met with delays and difficulties. He is now just two points away from meeting the low point of George W. Bush’s approval ratings three months after Hurricane Katrina , which saw him at 35 percent in November 2005.

Many people don’t even trust Obama at this point of his Presidency. His trustworthiness rating was found to be at 60 percent during the Presidential campaign, but has since dropped to 49 percent as 48 percent of Americans don’t trust him. Although his job approval ratings have reached low numbers before, the new survey is surprising because Obama has always generally been popular as a person.

But the biggest nail in Obama’s coffins among Americans is his self-admitted “fumbled” roll out of the Affordable Health Care act, which has seen the law’s main website plagued by computer glitches and millions of Americans forced off their health insurance plans. Sixty-one percent of people in the survey now disapprove of Obama’s healthcare law, which is a surge of 10 points in just the last month alone.

The unpopularity of the act, combined with the ongoing website glitches, has also drastically affected enrollment for ObamaCare. The White House was hoping to have 500,000 people enrolled for the Affordable Health Care act by the end of last month, but only 40,000 people have signed up so far.

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