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University Professor Returns To Teaching After Anti-Republican Rant

A professor who lost his teaching assignment after going on an anti-republican rant has been allowed to return to the classroom. Michigan State University has confirmed that William Penn will return to teaching at the university by conducting two small creative writing courses. Penn was previously let go by the university last September after calling Republicans greedy and cheap during class discussions, while also claiming they “raped this country.”

A student who was offended by the remarks recorded one of the incidents and posted it online. MSU spokesman Kent Casella said a review of the incident is ongoing. “As part of MSU’s commitment to create a learning environment characterized by mutual respect and civility, a faculty committee created by Academic Governance continues to review the responsibilities of faculty members and the impact of social media on teaching and learning,” said Casella. “Their report is due in early 2014.”

Among the controversial comments Penn made to students were that Republicans supported voter ID laws that disenfranchised black people, refused to pay taxes and offensive statements related to Ann Romney. One student also reported that he threatened to punish those who disagreed with him by giving bad grades. Caroline Freeman said in a statement that Penn told the class, “You have every right to disagree with me, but it may be reflected in your grade.”

Penn’s rants also included disparaging athletes and claiming that Christians are “blind followers.” Although his teaching duties were reassignment, his employment status never changed and he is still expected to receive his annual salary of $146,510.

(Photo: Michigan State University)


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