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Barack Obama Defiantly Says Affordable Care Act Here To Stay

The Affordable Care Act is here to stay until further notice. Barack Obama spoke yesterday and said that ObamaCare will not be repealed, despite the fervent efforts of Republicans to see that happen, and highlighted progress that has been made in recent weeks.

“We’re not repealing it as long as I’m president. If I’ve got to fight another three years to make sure this law works, then that’s what I’ll do,” he defiantly stated at a White House event. “Do not let the initial problems with the website discourage you, because it’s working better now, and it’s just going to keep on working better over time.”

Despite extreme difficulties with the rollout for the Affordable Care Act website, Obama said the site is “working well for the vast majority of users.” More than 100,000 people enrolled in the plan last month, a four-fold increase from the previous month. However, the progress was not enough to meet White House expectations of 800,000 people signed up by this point.

Obama said the last two months have been spent addressing front-end problems for the website related to enrollment, but will now focus on transmitting data to ensurers on the back end. The website would initially falter or produce error messages with 1,100 users on the site, prompting the White House to even initially suggest that people not enroll all at once. However, the site can now handle 50,000 users on the site at any given time. Error message rates for the front end are also now at just 1 percent, compared with 6 percent in October.

(Photo: Reuters)

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