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Why Did White House Change Story About Obama’s Relationship With Uncle?

Why is the White House changing their story about President Obama’s relationship with his uncle, Onyango? Onyango was recently granted permission to remain in the U.S., despite ignoring deportation orders for two decades and a DUI arrest in 2011. But while the White House said that Barack had never met Onyango, the President recently confirmed that they briefly lived together in the Boston area during the ’80s.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that nobody had actually asked Barack directly about his relationship with Onyango and went off information he provided in his 2004 memoir. Carney confirmed that they briefly lived together while Barack went to law school in Cambridge, but also said they hadn’t seen each other in 20 years and not spoken in 10 years.

Carney also made it clear that Onyango being approved to remain in the U.S. had “absolutely zero interference” from anyone at the White House and was handled entirely by immigration officials. Onyango was permitted to stay based on a law that grants green cards to foreigners who arrived in the U.S before 1972, provided that they are of good moral character.  After arriving in the U.S to attend an elite Boston boarding school in 1963, Onyango was supposed to return to Kenya in 1970. However, he continued to stay and was ultimately asked to leave the country after being denied green card access in the 1980s, largely due to the fact that he lied to immigration officials about being employed.

From 2000-2011, he worked at a convenience store in a Boston suburb, but his deportation order came to light after the DUI arrest. But now that he has been approved to stay by a judge, he may apply for U.S. citizenship in five years.

(Photo: Reuters)

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