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Fox News Guest Urges Female Host To Make Babies And ‘Thank Men’

It’s rare that a female Fox News host comes off as a feminist, but anti-feminist crusader Suzanne Venker appeared to set women back a few decades with her recent tirade at Fox news host Anna Kooiman. Venker urged Kooiman to quit her job and “thank men” for the ability to do, declaring that there was no shame in letting male spouses be the breadwinners in the family.

In a joint interview with Clayton Morris, Kooiman explained to Venker that she was not 30 and still “career oriented,” but found the prospect of marriage desirable. Venker’s questionable advice to the Fox News host was that “time” is her greatest enemy and she should try to become more subservient if she ended up meeting the right man.

“You [should] learn to embrace that side of yourself that isn’t work. In other words, the nurturing side, the motherhood, all of that,” said Venker. “It’s okay to let your husband bring home that full-time income so you can have more of a balanced life. And we should really be thanking men for this, not saying they’re in our way or not doing enough.”

Of course, this isn’t the first questionable piece of advice that Venker has spewed. Last February, she argued that the key to a successful marriage was accepting that men and women aren’t equal, which prompted extreme feminist backlash.  Venker has also written several books on this subject including The War On Men, as well as her most recent essay entitled “Why Women Still Need Husbands.”

(Photo: New York Magazine)

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