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Democrats Corner Republican Sen. Ted Cruz On Flight To Mandela’s Funeral

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz wasn’t exactly given time to sleep on a recent flight to South Africa. Cruz was one of just two Republicans in the congressional delegation who flew to South Africa to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral and the other 20 Democrats on the flight reportedly gave him an “earful” over some of his politics.

“I mean it was a very good conversation, nothing negative,” said Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings to the Baltimore Sun. “I just reminded him that I’m concerned about the many people in my state and his state who have no health insurance. I know he got an earful for 20 hours out, and he’s going to get another earful for 20 hours on the way back.”

Many people believe that Cruz is planning a run for President under the Republican party, which has led to plenty of press and even a coloring book in his name. Cruz recently teamed up with controversial Missouri publisher Really Big Coloring Books for a children’s book which is hardly age-appropriate. The coloring book states that Obama has a “consistent disregard” for constitutional rights and that the Affordable Care Act is “worse than any war.”

Of course, this may be unsurprising given Cruz’s infamous 21-hour rant on the Affordable Care Act. Really Big Coloring Books is describing their new project as “a non-partisan, fact-driven view of how Texas Sen. Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz became a U.S. senator and details, through his quotes and public information, his ideas for what he believes will help America grow.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, religion also plays a central role in the coloring book; kids can color in the Ten Commandments on a page devoted to the U.S. national motto, “In God We Trust.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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  • Dee

    what a joke he is…

  • David William Rutledge

    Ted Cruz is an oozing pimple on the face of America – a complete and embarrassing buffoon – no class whatsoever.

    • morn1960

      as is the entire gop for the most part

  • Susan Hunt Gilkey

    The coloring book is actually geared to the people who keep voting for him and even that is probably way too advanced.

  • Dolores Cruz

    He doesn’t fool me, him walking out was a big front. Ted Cruz is wolf in sheep’s clothing. His father was solider in Castro’s regime, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. “BE VERY AFRAID OF THIS COMMUNIST PIG!”

  • Beverly Brown

    Would somebody please lance that BOIL, Ted Cruz. This is a poor excuse for a man.

  • Beverly Brown

    I want to see his birth certificate, and his fathers papers with the seal on it. No copies.

  • thomasbone63

    They should have kicked his ass on that flight.