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VIDEO: Jon Stewart Takes On Knockout Game ‘Trend’

Jon Stewart is taking on media reports that knockout games are a growing “trend” across the country. The game, which involves trying to render an unsuspecting person unconscious with a single punch, has seen an increase in reported incidents over the last two months. However, The Daily Show host made it clear he think the frequency of the incidents is being exaggerated by news media.

In a segment on his show last night, the TV host responded to a news report which asked, “Can you imagine minding your own business and suddenly being punched in the face for no reason?” He joked that, “Well, I did go to high school in New Jersey, so yes.” Stewart also mocked news reports which said the attackers were assaulting their victims for no other reason than enjoyment.  “For the fun of it,” said Stewart. “And that’s the key because if they were cold cocking people for the environment, I think we’d all be cool with it.”

Regardless of whether the knockout game “trend” has been exaggerated or not, several cities are beginning to take action. New York State Assemblyman James Tedisco has proposed a law that could give 25-year jail sentences to anyone involved in a knockout game besides the victim, including those who stood by and let it happen. News reports also claim that police in many cities are now on high alert over the attacks.

“Good! Because police aren’t normally preventing keeping people from assaulting each other,” joked Stewart. Check out the segment for yourself and decide whether Stewart was spot-on or out of line.

(Photo: Reuters)

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