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VIDEO: Oregon Obamacare Exchange Spends $300 Million, Enrolls 44 People

In what might be one of the most stunningly ineffective uses of money this year, the Oregon Obamacare exchange spent $300 million to enroll 44 people. Millions of dollars were spent on flashy radio and television ads for the Cover Oregon campaign, which featured songs by local musicians promoting the state’s Obamacare exchange. However, the campaign videos failed to mention basic words like “insurance” or how people could enroll in the program.

“We think it’s appropriate to hold off on any further advertising,” <a href=”http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/18/oregon-obamacare-exchange-pulls-expensive-hipster-ads/”>said</a> Bruce Goldberg, executive director of Cover Oregon. A spokesman for Cover Oregon said that $8.3 million had been spent on the campaign so far and its budget was doubled last October from $10 million to $21.4 million. But despite the money being spent, the message of what the Obamacare exchange is all about was clearly missed. One of the video spots featured what appeared to be Gumby riding on the Beatles’ yellow submarine, but didn’t explain even the most basic details about the program

Although enrollment numbers on the Obamacare website are rapidly increasing in other states, they are still falling short of White House expectations. Roughly 100,000 people signed up through healthcare.gov last month, a four-fold increase from October. However, White House officials were hoping to have 500,000 people signed up by now.

A new report from officials earlier this week also claims that 50,000-60,000 paper Obamacare applications have still not been processed. Obama has said the site is still being continually worked on, but the core issues which made it difficult to register this fall have been fixed.

(Photo: Cover Oregon)

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