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KKK Using Candy Canes In Desperate Attempt To Recruit Members

The KKK are now resorting to possibly their most desperate measures yet in an effort to recruit new members. After placing fliers in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Florida earlier this year, they are now hoping lure in new members with candy canes. Five residents in a Chicago neighborhood reported receiving a plastic bag on their driveway which contained a candy cane and a flier from the Traditionalist American Knights.

The flier reportedly said that “you can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake” and included a number to call for membership. Tinley Park Deputy Police Chief Steve Vaccaro said the bags have been kept as evidence, but that “no crime has been committed at this point.”

Last week, KKK memberships held a meeting at a government building in Cecil, Maryland, with the hope of starting a movement to impeach Barack Obama for not being an American citizen. “Barack Hussein Obama is an illegal president. He needs to be removed from office,” said Imperial Wizard Richard Preston. “We also want Obamacare shut down. It’s against citizen’s rights. On top of that, we want the laws toughened on immigration. We’re flooded with illegal immigrants and our people can’t find jobs.”

Less than 50 people attended the meeting, most of whom had shown up in protest. Although Cecil natives were outraged at the meeting, County Director of Administration Al Wein said in a prepared statement that “the First Amendment also prohibits local government from discriminating against an organization’s right of free speech and peaceable assembly on public property, no matter how offensive the message may be.”

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