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Texas Bar Kicked Out Gay Men Due To ‘Safety Risk’

A Texas gay couple is pursuing legal action after their local bar allegedly threw them out for dancing together. The incident took place in the city of Victoria, where Justin Meyer and James Douglas were reportedly told by management that it was against the club’s policy for men to dance together to country music because it was a “safety risk” due to potential backlash.

However, the couple believe that no such policy exists because they were regular patrons of the establishment. They also asked the general manager for a copy of the policy, but that request was denied. “I don’t like that we were lied to,” said Meyer. “The confrontation never would have happened if they hadn’t lied to us about the policy.”

Robert Dillender, Director of Operations for Cactus Canyon of Victoria, said that no discriminatory policies exist at the bar. He claims the gay couple was kicked out of the bar for being disruptive and poking the general manager in the chest during the confrontation. “We’ve never kicked anyone out for dancing,” he said. “Our obligation to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is to maintain the peace. We apologize for the misunderstanding.”

However, Meyer said that no poking took place and they left the club after the manager threatened to arrest them if they returned. “We didn’t want to cause any trouble,” he said. “We just wanted to know why we weren’t allowed to dance together.” It remains to be seen if the lawsuit will make it to court, but a settlement or trial will take place at some point next year.

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