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States Trying To Pass New ‘Knockout’ Crime Laws In 2014

The disturbing increase in knockout games across the country has led to several states attempting to take action. The game, which involves trying to knock out an unsuspecting victim with a single punch, has been making headlines for its sheer recklessness and brutality. Two men in New York and Texas, respectively, have became the first individuals to be charged with hate crimes for their horrific attacks on people because of their religion and skin color.

However, some lawmakers are now introducing bills related to knockout games that would include increases in prison sentences for the attacks, added time for videotaping the incidents and trying juveniles as adults.

“I don’t think a teenager who does this should hide behind being a teenager,” said Oklahoma State Rep. Bobby Cleveland (R). Cleveland also proposed a bill for the state that would make knockout crimes a felony instead of a misdemeanor, resulting in a minimum of 10 years in prison. Illinois State Rep. Dwight Kay (R) has also adopted similar measures in his Knockout Assault Prevention Act, while Wisconsin state Rep. Dean Kaufert (R) also wants people who videotape knockout incidents to serve jail time for being accomplices in the act.

In New York, Republican state Assemblyman Jim Tedisco and state Sen. Hugh T. Farley have proposed the toughest laws for knockout game offenders, asking that they receive up to 25 years in prison regardless of their age. New Jersey state Rep. Ronald J. Dancer (R) also wants to pass a bill that would require knockout attackers to serve a certain amount of time before being eligible for parole. He said that “it’s a message that we have to send to these sick individuals who want to assault unprotected and unsuspecting everyday, real-life people.”

(Photo: ABC News)

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