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Did North Korean Dictator Feed His Uncle Alive To Starving Dogs?

In what would be one of the most heinous and reckless displays of disregard for human life ever recorded, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un reportedly fed his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, alive to 120 dogs that had been starved for five days. Kim’s uncle was accused of attempting to overthrow the state and “thrice-cursed acts of treachery,” according to state media, and was sentenced to immediate execution. Initial reports stated that the uncle was put to death by a firing squad. However, a Beijing-linked Hong Kong newspaper reported that Thaek was stripped naked, thrown into a cage with five of his associates as 300 officials looked on, and devoured by 120 hounds “until they were completely eaten up.”

It reportedly took an hour for the six individuals to be eaten by the dogs. Although Kim approved the execution, officials in Pyongyang have not specified how it was carried out. Reports also indicate that the newspaper story indicates Beijing and Hong Kong “no longer care about its relations with the Kim regime.”

However, many are speculating that the story is untrue. Hong Kong newspapers have a reputation for being tabloid-esque and the story of Un’s dog-based execution didn’t quote a single source. All other Chinese media outlets are also still reporting that the six individuals were killed either by machine guns or anti-aircraft guns, while South Korea has also not touched the story in its own media outlets. Lastly, North Korea is a notorious hermit state and keeps an extremely tight leash on its access to the press in the outside world. For a source within North Korea to contact a relatively small newspaper in Hong Kong with the story would be highly unlikely.

(Photo: Reuters)

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