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MSNBC Battle: Alec Baldwin Mocks Melissa Harris-Perry, Asks ‘If I Cry, Will I Be Forgiven?’

Alec Baldwin has managed to insert himself into the controversy surrounding Melissa Harris-Perry. After the MSNBC anchor broke down in tears while apologizing to Mitt Romney and his family for jokes about his adopted African-American grandchild, Baldwin took to Twitter and mocked her apology. “If I cry, will I be forgiven all of my transgressions?” he asked.

Last month, Harris-Perry showed a photo of the Romney family that included Kieran and asked the panel to give their thoughts. “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same,” said actress Pia Glenn, using the same tone as the classic Sesame Street song. Perry joked that she was looking forward to the 2040 wedding between Kieran and North West (the baby daughter of Kim Kardashian and North West). She has apologized “without reservation” on her Twitter page and website for the show, in addition to her on-air segment.

Baldwin was fired by MSNBC last November for his consistent pattern of homophobic comments, most recently for chasing down a photographer in NYC and calling him a “c*cksucking f*g.” The actor has previously denied using the anti-gay slur and claimed to have said “c*cks*cking fathead,” while also insisting he is not homophobic.

“My friends who happen to be gay are baffled by this. They see me as someone who recently fought for marriage equality and has been a supporter of gay rights,” he said in a column for Huffington Post. “But the assertion that I am a bigoted homophobe travels at light speed…without fact or reflection, [it] is accepted, even cheered.”

However, this wasn’t the first time Baldwin has been accused of homophobia. He called Daily Mail reporter George Stark a “toxic little queen” in a Twitter rant last June and previously referred to a male Starbucks employee on Twitter as an “uptight queen barista.”

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