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Over 100 NYC Cops And Firefighters Charged With 9/11 Disability Fraud

Some of the men once labeled as heroes are now being branded as evil villains for a massive 9/11 disability scam that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in improper Social Security benefits. More than 100 retired NYC cops and firefighters have been charged with scamming 9/11 disability plans by falsely claiming to be suffering from anxiety, depression and a variety of physical ailments. All of them are expected to be arrested today.

The former cops and firefighters lied about suffering mental and physical injuries in order to receive massive Social Security checks worth up to $500,000 each. The two-year investigation resulted in prosecutors obtaining recorded phone calls of some of the officers being coached on how to behave in front of a medical board. However, these same officers were also photographed performing martial arts or jet skiing, which would have been impossible with the physical ailments they had described. Many of the officers were also caught working after retirement, another violation of disability benefits.

“The retired members of the NYPD indicted in this case have disgraced all first responders who perished during the search and rescue efforts on Sept. 11, 2001,” said police commissioner William Bratton. Some other current NYPD members declared that it was a slap in the face to the 23 NYPD officers and 343 firefighters who lost their lives during the national tragedy.

This isn’t the first 9/11 scam to make headlines this week, though. Yesterday, two men from New Jersey pleaded guilty to keeping all of the $50,000 they raised for a 9/11 charity that helped families who lost loved ones in the tragedy.
(Photo: Reuters)

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