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Did CNN Reporter Randi Kaye Smoke Pot Before Marijuana Segment?

CNN reporter Randi Kaye should have invested in some eye drops before her segment on marijuana tours in Colorado. Kaye appeared visibly stoned in an interview with Cooper, giggling constantly and appearing unable to fully open her eyes after being surrounded by a cloud of pot smoke for the day with several marijuana users. Kaye traveled with a group under Rocky Mountain Colorado High Tours, all of whom visited marijuana dispensaries and smoked joints in a limousine, but appeared so high afterwards that Anderson Cooper called her out on it in the interview.

Kaye claimed that she had experienced a “contact high” from the pot smoke, but Cooper seemed unconvinced that she hadn’t smoked a joint beforehand. “I think you should come back to the east coast,” he joked. “You might want to wash your clothes before going through security to the airport.” He then ended the segment by stating, “I think she’s high.”

Kaye admitted that the pot smoke had some effect on her ability to report on the story properly. “We did very extensive research. My brain was a little fuzzy by the time I got out of there,” she admitted. “I wasn’t thinking right. I couldn’t remember some of the questions that I wanted to ask in the interview, which has never happened to me when I’m reporting out in the field. And I found things to be really funny. Much funnier than I normally do.”

A CNN poll for the segment showed that just 12% of those surveyed think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, while 73% believed that alcohol was more dangerous. A similar poll from 40 years ago showed that survey takers were split on the issue.

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