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Photos Of US Marines Burning Iraqi Corpses (With A Smile) Go Viral

Somehow, trashy gossip site TMZ has broken the story on a political scandal. The US Marine Corps are launching an investigation into the eight photos that the website posted of troops burning corpses in Fallujuh, Iraq, even mugging for the camera in some instances. Fallujah is the site where heavy Marine fighting took place 10 years ago and that al-Qaeda has just recently taken back control of.

“We are conducting an investigation into it right now,” said Captain Tyler Balzar. “At this point it’s just to really determine the veracity of the photos and what the circumstances depicted in them are, and, if possible, whether we can identify the service members involved.”

TMZ claims they have 33 other corpse burning photos ready to go online, but have already handed over all the photos to the US Defense Department. In one of the photos already posted, a US Marine is searching the pockets of clothes on a corpse while a separate Marine smiles while kneeling next to the dead body.

A Pentagon spokesman said that torching corpses is occasionally acceptable for “health and hygiene” reasons, but that the photos themselves could potentially result in punishment. Colonel Steven Warren confirmed that the photos may have violated military rules regarding inappropriate photos on the battlefield, but that “based on our initial discussions with our legal team, there’s been no law or war violations.”

In the second Battle of Fallujah at the end of 2004, 95 Americans killed and another 560 were wounded. Meanwhile, at least 1,200 Iraqis were killed and another 1,500 were captured.

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  • Patricia Baldwin-Dennis

    Would be good if TMZ could also uncover photos of the atrocities that are happening to our military. As a former soldier, I don’t condone bad behavior by our troops. However, our troops are being judged more harshly than the people we are at war with. I disagree with releasing these types of videos because it incites violence against our military while they are in these foreign countries. Now they will lose their jobs because of a lapse in judgement in a difficult situation.