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LAPD Cop Avoids Charges After Firing 100 Rounds Of Ammo At Innocent Civilians

Despite permanently disabling an innocent man and firing 100 rounds of ammo at two women without any justification to do so, the L.A. County District Attorney has decided not to press any charges against the offending policeman. Torrance Officer Brian McGee was part of the manhunt for former cop-turned-murderer Christopher Dorner and believed he had found the suspect’s vehicle. McGee rammed into the car at full speed, fired three shots at driver David Purdue, and then fired 100 shots at the two women.

The only issue is that none of the three people he targeted were Dorner. Purdue was left with injuries that have since prevented him from working, while the women miraculously were not hit with any of the bullets. However, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck justified the reckless use of force as part of the “incredible tension” felt during the manhunt for Dorner. L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey also declared that the error was “a reasonable mistake.”

Perdue has since pursued legal action against the city and is seeking compensation for his inability to now work. “Being anxious and afraid does not justify attempting to execute a man on his way to go surfing,” said Perdue’s lawyer, Robert Sheahen, in a statement. Sheahen also cited several other grave errors that McGee made in determining that the vehicle in question belonged to Dorner, including that the color of the car didn’t match.

Washington Post reporter Radley Balko also expressed his outrage at the lack of punishment, declaring the decision shows “that when a cop goes down, we suspend the Bill of Rights until the killer is apprehended.”

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