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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Gets Wasted In Public, Yet Again

The ongoing substance abuse problems of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford seem to show no signs of slowing down. Ford appeared drunk while ranting about Toronto’s police chief at a fast food restaurant earlier this week and acknowledged that he had been drinking “a little bit.” A video of the incident was released and the date of the tape showed that it was filmed just one week after he swore to reporters that he had given up drinking.

“They’re chasing me around five months,” Ford said in the video, filmed in the suburb of Rexdale. “They’re counter surveillance [sic] me. He’s hiding here. He’s hiding here. F*ck off.” He also bizarrely spoke with a Jamaican accent and used the term “bumbaclot” several times. However, he justified this by explaining that it’s simply “how I speak with some of my friends … I don’t think it’s discriminative at all. It’s my own time.”

His brother, Councilor Doug Ford, said that the Toronto Mayor was still on the wagon and that there was no way the footage could have been recent. “I’ll repeat what he said 10 million times. [Since] the beginning of November, he hasn’t taken a drink,” said Doug. “Very simple.”

After admitting this past fall that he had smoked crack cocaine during his time in office and arriving drunk at numerous public appearances, in addition to several bizarre outbursts, much of Ford’s power as Mayor has been stripped from him. Although he has been urged to resign and go to rehab, he has stated that he won’t do this. Ford has also stated that he plans to run for office again when his term concludes, although a recent poll shows most Canadians would not re-elect him under any circumstances.

(Photo: Reuters)

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