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Elementary School Teacher Placed On Leave Over Sexy Modeling Pics

A special education teacher in Massachusetts has been placed on paid administrative leave for what amounts to being too sexy for the classroom. Teacher’s aide and part-time model Kaitlin Pearson is now being investigated by the Fitchburg public school district after some of her racier modeling photos landed on the desk of Superintendent Andre Ravenelle.

Pearson, the current “model of the year” on website ModelsMania, had taken photos which included her covering her nipples with her arm. However, the photos were taken on her own time outside of her job and she was not in violation of any school district policies. Despite this, Ravenelle said in a statement that the teacher “was immediately placed on a paid leave of absence to assure student safety during the investigation and to mitigate potential disruption.”

She wrote on her Model Mayhem profile that she will “not shoot full nudes” and “will only shoot implieds with a photographer I know and trust.” CBS Boston also spoke with Pearson’s father, who said the modeling shots are “her private life. She’s 23. She’s a grown-up woman.”

Last December, former high school English teacher Olivia Sprauer was fired for her sexy modeling pics; she used the publicity to score a photo spread with Hustler in their upcoming March issue. Just months earlier, high school Spanish teacher Cristy Nicole Deweese was fired for previously posing nude on the Playboy website when she was a college student. Earlier this month, a Florida high school student was suspended for having starred in a gay porn film.

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