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Laura Bush: First Ladies Don’t Deserve Salaries

Former first lady Laura Bush has made a surprising statement in declaring that Michelle Obama and other first ladies don’t deserve to have salaries. She made the comment during an interview for an upcoming C-SPAN special called First Ladies: Influence and Image, and felt that there were enough benefits that already came with the gig.

“There are plenty of perks, believe me. A chef. That was really great. I miss the chef,” she said. “I think the American public sees the first lady in very glamorous circumstances. … I think what they may not imagine looking at the White House from the outside is that it’s actually a very normal life upstairs. … The first lady probably, and I know I did, lays on the couch and reads a book.”

With Hilary Clinton looking at a likely 2016 presidential run and possible victory, Bush suggested that being a “first husband” could provide different circumstances. She hinted that Bill Clinton might be able to continue his current work and salary, without taking on an additional White House salary. If Hilary were elected, her advice for Bill was to “stand back and be quiet.”

Meanwhile, a notable book publisher hinted earlier this month that Michelle is currently working on a memoir about her time in the White House. Although she hasn’t attempted to shop it around,  she is hoping to have it completed and ready for release by the time her husband’s second term ends. It is widely believe that she could collect as much as $8 million for the memoir.

(Photo: Reuters)

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  • msvonnz

    Barbara Bush surely didn’t have a problem accepting that salary when she was first lady. She needs to have several seats. Michelle is a lot more influential then she ever was.

    • tiedtotheair2

      Just Rachet. Dot Com. (Yes She did that!) Lol!

    • Bill_thompson95

      the first lady receives no salary. Her office as hostess has a budget, but she is not an employee nor does she receive a salary.

      • robertbubba2

        Hey Bill Crooks and Liars [a liberal site] just showed me how they operate got blacklisted from that site because I do not hold the same visions or ideas that people on that site do.

        So now what does that tell you about freedom of speech?

        Looks like on Crooks and Liars it’s their type of freedom of speech

  • Luis Alfredo Martinez

    I wonder what Barbara Bush did with the salary that she received, did she donated it to her church or did she go ahead and spent it, just saying.

  • Louis Perez

    I knew Barbra was a racist when she never did shook Michelle Obama The 1st Lady when they met for the first time, When they met for the first time.

    • cholly8524

      True. She’s basically is just an old white racist. If I looked like my husband’s great, great, great grandmother, I’d be mad too.

  • Latonya D Rhodes

    Hmmm, sooo that didn’t stop her from accepting hers…and I doubt FLOTUS Obama lays around and reads on the couch…swear, I rue the day they stop sticking their foot in their mouths…smh

  • shellbell

    Laura Bush is a waste of space and should zip it!!!

  • Beverly Brown

    What da hell, how quickly we forget. Barbara and Laura received a salary. Barbara Bush is a truly a racist, she proved that when she wouldn’t shake Michelle’s hand. I think things like that are so damn funny, like she was hurting somebody. 1st Lady Michelle is NOT a Stepford Wife like the rest of the women were. She is a real lady who can and will speak up if necessary in such an intelligent manner.

  • LyndaLBD

    If she doesn’t think first ladies deserve a salary, then she needs to give gets back.

  • Bill_thompson95

    the first lady receives no salary. Her office as hostess has a budget, but she is not an employee nor does she receive a salary. this is a troll article.

  • cholly8524

    Well, well, well. A Stepford Wife speaks and sounds dumb. Go figure. STFU robotic Laura Bush.

  • BlueSky

    From Wikipedia:”The position of the First Lady is not an elected one, carries no official duties, and receives no salary.” Laura Bush is an idiot or the author of the article is. Or both.

  • Diane Rhodes

    If you read the article again, she never said that the first lady got a salary; she said they shouldn’t. And they don’t. How is this controversial?

  • idahomom42

    I don’t know what Mrs. Bush is referring to. First ladies don’t get a salary so why bring it up?

  • Vikki Schmitt

    Laura Bush always was a pathetic joke and still is. She should have stuck to selling drugs, she would have probably been more popular.

  • Estella Cohen

    She should take her own advice. “Stand back and be quiet”.