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VIDEO: Mormon Anti-Masturbation Campaign Compares Self-Pleasure To War Fatalities

There are wars throughout the world and children starving to death, but Mormons seem to think that masturbation is the biggest threat to the world at the moment. BYU-Idaho has released a comically absurd video narrated by school president Kim B. Clark called “Wounded on the Battlefield,” in which masturbation is analogized to a real-life war in which people die. The video was released last month and has even sparked debate among some Mormons who have expressed shock that university money was spent on the campaign.

The sleek and well-directed video shows that a decent amount of money was to put into the project, but its main message is to encourage students to rat out their roommates if they catch them masturbating. The video shows a college student walking into his dorm room and observing his roommate staring at a computer screen. “The young man is spiritually wounded on the battlefield of the great war,” says Clark.

She continues narrating by declaring that there is “a social stigma against people who speak up in the face of evil in our modern society.” The roommate ultimately comes to the aid of his spiritually bankrupt, chronically masturbating friend and great happiness ensues.

The video even suggests that the man will be able to get a girlfriend now that he has stopped masturbating. Surprisingly, women are almost entirely absent from the video and it is not suggested that female masturbating is something which needs to be addressed.

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