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Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Colorado’s Marijuana Laws ‘Dangerous To Liberty’

Sen. Ted Cruz is continuing to speak out against President Barack Obama allowing Colorado and Washington to legalize marijuana. Voters in Colorado and Washington state approved ballot measures to legalize marijuana in 2012, but federal law still prohibits the possession and sale of the drug. But with the U.S. Justice Department announcing they would only intervene in extreme cases such as drugs being sold to minors, Cruz has called this approach “dangerous to liberty” and said the federal government should step in on this issue.

“The Obama administration’s approach to drug policy is to simply announce that across the country, it is going to stop enforcing certain drug laws,” he said. “[It’s] the idea that the president simply says criminal laws that are on the books, we’re going to ignore [them]. That is a very dangerous precedent.”

Last month, Cruz declared that pot smokers in Colorado should still be jailed until the federal law is changed. “You can go to Congress, you can get a conversation … this President didn’t do that,” he said. “He just said, ‘The laws say one thing’ — and mind you these are criminal laws, these are laws that say if you do ‘X, Y, and Z’ you will go to prison. The president announced, ‘No, you won’t.’”

Despite Cruz’s wishes, the Department of Justice announced last August that it would not target any arrests for adults who used marijuana in compliance with state law.

(Photo: Reuters)

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