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White Supremacist Fighting To Overturn Execution Sentence

A white supremacist convicted of triple murder and currently on death row has asked for a new hearing in his case in the hopes of having his future execution overturned. Oklahoma native Danny Lee was convicted along with Chevie Kehoe in the 1996 murders of William and Nancy Mueller, as well as their young daughter, Sarah, whose bodies he then dumped in the Illinois Bayou. Lee also robbed them of firearms and $50,000 in cash so he could further his mission of creating a white supremacist community in the Pacific Northwest.

His public defender, Karl Schwartz, said at a hearing in Little Rock, Arkansas, that the death sentence should be overturned due to inaccurate claims about Lee’s mental health. The death sentence was imposed after prosecutors used a test to determine that Lee posed a danger to others, even behind bars, and he was branded a “psychopath.” However, Schwartz said the test has since been “thoroughly discredited by the scientific community” and that evidence should be thrown out.

But while John M. Pellettieri, an attorney with the Justice Department, acknowledged that the test was no longer valid evidence, the “psychopath” label was still appropriate due to his crimes and a separate incident in which he threatened a jail guard. U.S. District Judge J. Leon Holmes said he will allow both sides to submit further written arguments, but has not indicated when he will issue a ruling. The likely best case scenario for Lee is that he will receive life in prison without parole.

(Photo: AP)

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