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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Bans Rainbow Flag At City Hall, Calls Gay People ‘Irrelevant’

The crazy behavior of disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shows no signs of slowing down. A rainbow flag had been flying at Toronto’s City Hall to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws and show support for gay Canadian athletes competing at the Sochi Olympics. But Ford ordered the gay pride flag to be taken down and later called gay people “irrelevant.”

“This is about Olympics, this is about being patriotic to your country, this is not about someone’s sexual preference. I do not agree with putting the rainbow flag up,” he said. When a reporter asked Ford if he was thought it was appropriate to support gay athletes, he responded by saying “not at all.” The reporter pressed further and asked if he supported gay people, which Ford felt was an “irrelevant” question. The mayor then ignored the reporter’s question as to whether or not he is homophobic.

Last month, Ford appeared drunk while ranting about Toronto’s police chief at a fast food restaurant and acknowledged that he had been drinking “a little bit.” A video of the incident was released and the date of the tape showed that it was filmed just one week after he swore to reporters that he had given up drinking.

“They’re chasing me around five months,” Ford said in the video, filmed in the suburb of Rexdale. “They’re counter surveillance [sic] me. He’s hiding here. He’s hiding here. F*ck off.” He also bizarrely spoke with a Jamaican accent and used the term “bumbaclot” several times. However, he justified this by explaining that it’s simply “how I speak with some of my friends … I don’t think it’s discriminative at all. It’s my own time.”

Ford is planning to seek re-election when his term ends, but all major polls throughout Canada indicate that the overwhelming majority of Canadians would not consider re-electing him under any circumstances.

(Photo: Reuters)

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