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Florida Legislators Trying To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Is Florida the next state to get on the green train? Two bills were introduced on Monday by Florida state legislators to legalize medical marijuana in the 2014 legislative session. A constitutional amendment on the issue will come up for a public vote in November, but it seems that many Floridians are in support of the measure. The bills were created by Senators Jeff Clemens and Joe Saunders, both Democrats, but Republican leaders throughout the state including Gov. Rick Scott are against the proposed plans.

If 60 percent of voters approve the proposal this November, it will be brought into law. Saunders said the next step if it is approved would be determining legislation specifying “how will we grow it, how will people who need it get access to it and how will those who are seeking to abuse it receive consequences?” It’s likely that Florida would turn to Colorado for some advice on the issue; the state approved legal marijuana use for adults over 21 starting at the beginning of the year.

Before the bill has even been voted, some Florida “ganja-preneurs” are already getting their ducks in a row. The first ever “Marijuana University” has been created in Tampa and began enrolling students earlier this month. The school was created by Jeremy Bufford and the goal is to help interested students learn how to navigate the medical marijuana industry and create their own businesses.

The one-month course costs $499 and Bufford sees this as just the beginning. He has already approached numerous investors to acquire $10 million for five more classrooms in Tampa, 15 treatment centers and a lab if medical marijuana is approved from Florida. “We’re doing something innovative. It’s education oriented. We’re not trying to set up a shop where we’re selling drugs. We’re trying to educate people,” he said. “We’re teaching this class to introduce cannabis from a legal, a historical, a botanical, and a pharmacological perspective.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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