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Edible Medical Marijuana For Kids Becomes Hot Topic Among ‘Desperate’ Parents

The issue of medical marijuana is currently a hot button topic across the United States, but should needy kids have access to it in different forms? A growing number of states currently allow the use of medical marijuana for children, but they only have access to it in a traditional form. Some parents believe their children would greater benefit from having it in edible form, but with many states where pot is legal currently not making it available, they are taking measures into their own hands.

Mother Tina DeSilvio thinks putting pot in food is less harsh for her 14-year-old daughter, Jenna, who has frequent and violent convulsions. She mixes cannabis buds with 180-proof alcohol and lets it evaporate before mixing it into coconut oil and adding it on top of yogurt or applesauce. “It’s very detailed and scientific,” said Peggy Kerswell of New Milford, whose nine-year-old daughter has epilepsy. “The seizures are awful. And when you put a child to bed with epilepsy and open the door the next day, you never know what you’re going to face. That’s why I feel comfortable pushing the envelope and trying to help her.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently lifted the ban on edibles so sick children or those with severe disorders could more easily obtain medical marijuana, but said he would veto a bill in October to “expand the program.” Many frustrated parents are now moving to Colorado, where medical marijuana edibles are readily available for children.

Jennie Stormes, a registered nurse whose 14-year-old son suffers from epilepsy and has had two brain surgeries, said waiting isn’t an option. “My son does not have time to lose,” she said. “The drugs he’s taken and the disease have done their damage and he deserves quality of life. It’s an extract from a plant. (Christie) sees us as these hippies who all they want is peace, love and happiness. But I’m just a mom who’s desperate.”

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