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Dennis Miller Slams Ted Nugent For Comparing Obama Administration To Nazi Germany

Talk show host Dennis Miller engaged in a fierce war of words with musician and conservative activist Ted Nugent, objecting to Nugent’s comparisons of the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. The musician offered a half-hearted apology last week for referring to Obama as a “subhuman mongrel,” but refused to back down on his Nazi comparisons.

Speaking on Miller’s show, Nugent said that the president was intent on “destroying America” with his policies. “There was an incrementalism to what happened in Germany and other places historically, where they came in slowly, and they started, you know, the power struggle between the different races, and the power struggle between different elements of society, and they incrementally worked their way in,” he argued. “I really believe that what we see with the IRS can be compared accurately and historically to the early maneuvers of people like jack booted thugs, like the brownshirts.”

But Miller objected and said he found it offensive to compare anything Obama has done to the slaughtering of six million Jews. “I’ll be glad when he’s out of there, but he’s not a Nazi,” said Miller. “I think about the 6 million Jews rounded up and thrown into ovens and then I think about a guy who’s mismanaging the country, but God, it’s not within a million miles.”

Although Nugent went on to claim that he doesn’t think Obama is actually comparable to Hitler, Miller continued to slam him for the tasteless remarks. “I think you mean Nazis unless there’s some goofball jackbooted thugs I don’t know about in a fictional piece,” he said. “I think that’s the reference, and they’re not like that, they just stink at running an economy and they’re a little soft on world terror.”

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  • Michael H. Smith

    Miller is part of the reason people like Nugent feel it’s okay to say this kind of stuff! He’s on the same ship all the over the top blowhards set sail with. Can’t jump ship now Miller!

  • Joel Colquitt

    “…a little soft on world terror.”

    Well that would explain the bullet in Bin Laden’s eye.

    • jvaljon1


    • William Fuzi

      You haven’t been paying attention. Navy SEALs took out Osama, And they fired hundreds of rounds into his body.

    • 1NonPermissive

      One guy, big deal!

  • Kathi Geukes

    Dennis Miller is the last person who should complain about anything…he’s one of the worst commentators around….he’s kinda like Palin on steroids….a lot of the comments he makes are just lies…..time to ignore all the assholes….starting NOW!!!!

    • 1NonPermissive

      And you’re a saint who always tells the truth? Get over yourself!

  • Hypocrites like Miller will turn against their own if there is too much negative feedback. Miller and Nugent are peas in the same pod. Now Miller wants to distance himself from a response that has gotten unfavorable backlash. Really?

  • Estella Cohen

    Better late than never. At least someone Nugent respected told him he was wrong.(like he is on a lot of other things) If Obama was a socialist,communist or Nazi he would surely make these big mouth haters disappear, permanently.

  • Merita Wright

    So many people I know just have such hate for the President, and really can’t explain why. It is just the hateful. crap that is put out there day after day by the radical Tea Party faction on the air ways. They listen to it and believe what they say. It has really become a kind of gossip that goes around, that everyone feeds into!

  • nidur

    They don’t seriously think that they could have gotten away with saying anything at all negative about Hitler, do they? I wish they could go back in time and try it. Just to see what would happen to them. Or, how about Stalin. I wish they could try it during his time in power, since they also compare Obama to Stalin. Perhaps they should visit North Korea, and try it there.

  • Todd Vrancic

    Dennis Miller got his start on SNL as a comedian. Do we now get our world news from a comedian. I like a lot of what Bill Maher says, but I don’t consider him a news source, because he’s also a comedian.

    • David Atherton

      I don’t think Miller is considered a news source. He is a commentator. He comments. Opinions, conversations, arguments, give and take, remember?

  • William P. Homans

    Nugent is a coward. We’re the same age. I wasn’t a great soldier, but I enlisted and volunteered for Vietnam in 1969. He shit and pissed on himself for a week to get out of serving. He has absolutely no business making political commentary on anybody or anything.

  • GodfearingAtheist

    I love it when people make comments about people they know nothing about other than what they are told by their progressive liberal loud mouth news sources. I listen to Dennis every day on the radio. You jerks don’t have a clue who he is or what he believes. One of the most decent men I know. Thank you Dennis for your insight and kind words! You keep me grounded and positive for the future despite everything. I love to hear you laugh and enjoy your sense of humor. Just a man with a dream and a heart of gold.

  • Tappy Mcwidestance

    Miller was funny before he became a right wing blowhole.

  • Jack Reed

    I agree with Ted. Obama is following in Hitler’s footsteps repeating exactly what Hitler did. Miller is looking at the final product of HItler. Where Obama’s not done yet. Let’s see how it plays out first then we can lend judgement.

    • Richard perkinson

      Now there’s the rub-Obama is not through. I think he plans to take down the country when the time is right.

  • John Everett Walker

    Lets see what happens. My previous comment is pending- they usually stay that way forever when they occur. It may be because I used a word that appears prominently in the article and the prissy-sissies censor it out of comments. It is an abbreviation of the National Socialist Party

  • Martin Miller

    My old buddy, Boston-based comedian Barry Crimmins used to be one of Dennis M’s writers on Miller’s old Fox show — before Miller turned to the dark side. For his first book, Miller used (aka stole) his comedy writers’ material without crediting them as contributors/writers. Nugent is a just crazy.

  • notadailycaller

    Well at least the semi cultured nit wit told the ingrate has been that he’s a tool.

  • jimmy jack james

    Obozo is a straight up American hating Muslim MONKEY from Kenya.