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VIDEO: George Takei Slams Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

George Takei is speaking out about the anti-gay bill that could be signed into law this week. The Star Trek and gay rights activist spoke on MSNBC show The Last Word, in which he declared that the bill was bigotry being excused as religious beliefs.

“It breaks our heart that both houses of the Arizona legislature passed this. It is not a religious freedom bill at all,” said Takei. “Their religious freedom is being well protected by gays and lesbians in the military…the so-called religious freedom is just a cloak for prejudice and they’re trying to write their prejudice into civil law, which they can’t do…how do these people get elected?”

Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell urged Takei to work with him on getting the bill repealed, while also making it clear that the majority of residents in the state did not support it. Several major corporations have spoken out against this bill in the last couple of days. All of the major business organizations…our two main senators are opposed against it,” he said. “[Jan Brewer] vetoed it last year and I hope she does it again not only for economic reasons, but also for moral reasons. We do not need to be sending the message that our state only wants certain kinds of people here, they only want to do business with certain kinds of people. That is not what the majority of Arizonans believe.”

The actor also penned a recent essay for Huffington Post and said the discrimination gay people often face isn’t dissimilar to what he faced as an Asian man decades ago. “Your taxi drivers can refuse to carry us. Your hotels can refuse to house us. And your restaurants can refuse to serve us,” he wrote. When I was younger, people used ‘God’s Will’ as a reason to keep the races separate, too.”

Watch the full video of George Takei speaking about the anti-gay bill here.

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