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Fox News Contributor: Gays Not ‘Neighborly’ To Ask For Equal Rights

A Fox News contributor enraged gay activists yesterday by declaring that homosexuals were “not nice or “neighborly” by fighting for equal rights and protection under the law. Although George Will stated that gay people deserved equal treatment from businesses, he spoke out against gay marriage and said they shouldn’t be aggressively pursuing equal treatment. He made the controversial comments during a panel discussion on Fox News Sunday.

“It’s a funny kind of sore winner in the gay rights movement that would say, ‘A photographer doesn’t want to photograph my wedding — I’ve got lots of other photographers I could go to, but I’m going to use the hammer of government to force them to do this,’” said Will. “It’s not neighborly and it’s not nice. The gay rights movement is winning. They should be, as I say, not sore winners.”

However, Will acknowledged public accommodations section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 said that businesses had to serve everyone equally. He made reference to establishments that refused to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples and told them they should simply “bake the cake.”

Despite identifying as a conservative, he has been openly critical of Republican policies in the past. Will slammed the Defense of Marriage Act last year and said that opposition to same-sex marriage is “literally dying.” He also opposes the death penalty and favors the legalization of drugs. Will also criticized conservative commentator Ann Coulter as an “enemy” to the conservative pursuit of an intellectual brand. Last year, he revealed that his views have been progressively leaning more towards the libertarian model.

(Photo: Fox News)

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