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Senator Ted Cruz’s Dad to Pastors: Political Correctness is Killing America

The father of Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently told a group of pastors and others gathered at a Texas event that it is time for Christians to “take this country back for righteousness.” Rafael Cruz, a Cuban born, evangelical pastor who sparked controversy in February when he called black and Latino voters “uninformed” and “deceived,” demanded that he was called by God to warn pastors that political correctness is killing America and pastors must shoulder most of the blame.

“Political correctness is killing us,” the elder Cruz told the Texas crowd to a chorus of  ‘amens’. “I speak to pastors all the time. You know, the Lord back in the beginning of this year, the Lord told me very, very clearly, ‘If there is one group of people that I hold responsible for what is happening in America it is the pastors.’”

He added that he had received a personal witness from God to go and spread the word that pastors need to stop “hiding behind the pulpit” and take action against political correctness.

“And the reason I know without a doubt that I heard from God is that — supernaturally — without my moving a finger pastors’ conferences began materializing week after week after week,” Cruz said. “I’m doing pastors conferences now all over the country. I have not organized one of them. It is God.”

The latest speech is not the first time the outspoken Cruz has spoken out against political correctness.

“We have been guilty of following two things that we totally have to throw aside. Number one is political correctness,” Cruz insisted at an event held in February of this year. “We have been destroyed by political correctness. And we must learn to tell the truth unequivocally.”

The 74-year old pastor and Tea Party Senator’s dad also claimed earlier this month that if no action was taken against political correctness and same-sex marriage that soon pastors trying to preach the ‘true’ word of God from their pulpits would be found guilty of ‘hate speech.’

“After this homosexual marriage law gets passed, do you know what the next thing that is coming very soon is? … Hate speech,” Cruz demanded. “You preach Romans chapter one in your church, you’re going to be called before a court for hate speech.”

He added that the Bible cannot be reconciled with a ‘politically correct’ liberal agenda without abandoning the word of God that is needed to take the country “back for righteousness”.

“Now what are you gonna do?,” Cruz demanded. “Are you going to take that page and cut it out of your Bible? Because it’s not politically correct?”

Photo Credit: Screenshot Video/Montgomery County Eagle Forum

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