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Pastor Who Claims Obama Had Woman Murdered to Cover Up Love-Child Defends Views

The  pastor who once posted signs in his Harlem church proclaiming, “Obama is Evil” has launched a new conspiracy theory. James David Manning, pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church regularly slams Obama, calling him a ‘fake president’, fueling a crusade insisting he was born in Kenya, and denouncing him on his church website.

In his newest attack, Manning now claims Barack Obama had Miriam Carey shot dead in front of the White House because she was the mother of his illegitimate love child.

On Oct. 3, Carey was shot by Capitol Police after she tried to ram her car carrying herself and her 14-month old daughter into a security barrier in front of the White House.  While her motives remain unclear, it is suspected that Carey suffered postpartum depression.

A lawyer for Carey’s family has filed a request that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder look into the case, citing the use of excessive and deadly force used to deal with the 34-year old mom.

However, Manning insists that the real reason the police acted in such as manner is because Obama is the true father of Manning’s child and that the family is calling for an investigation to have Obama’s paternal cover-up revealed.

“Valerie Carey sister of Slain Miriam Carey is calling for an investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder into the matter and is this Obama’s child,” a report on his church website reads.  As proof of the claims, the site links to a change.org petition. The petition calls for an investigation but makes no mention of a possible Obama ‘love-child’ conspiracy.

The lack of hard evidence of parental claims on behalf of the family, though, did not stop Manning from a hate-filled rant accusing Obama, which he aired on his latest Manning Report.

“No one has come to the aid of this slaughtered woman, which means they are protecting something that they feel is far more important, and that’s the hardcore, incontrovertible evidence and that which is being protected is Barack Hussein Obama,” Manning said.

The accusation of Obama’s murder plot  is just the latest in a string of Obama conspiracies made by Manning, which have made the Harlem pastor a controversial and often criticized church leader. Yet, despite strong objections to his views, Manning resolutely defends his views on Obama as part of his pastoral duties to warn others about Obama.

In an interview that aired on Fox News, Manning insisted that he was right in telling his congregation Obama is a “liar” and “a pimp” and not really black.

“What I’m trying to say with that is if black people are looking for a black president, then why don’t they get a black president, get a black person who has a black father and a black mother rather than a mixture,” Manning told the Fox News team, explaining his anti-Obama sermon rants that are a regular feature at his mostly African-American Harlem church.

“I see him as being a threat not only to America, that we should put the sovereign power of this nation into the hands of a man who I do not believe is a patriot,” he added. “But the other thing is that black people — for him he represents the worst possible person as a choice that they have made.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Manning Report via www.atlah.org

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  • Marvin Gittens

    That is not true, because,
    O” hell !why kill the “girls just kill the “PASTOR” lol lol lmao

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  • Tammy Marlow

    this man is mentally deranged and is probually off his meds! haha! hope nobody goes to his church!!!! I wonder why he hates President Obama so much????

    • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

      Maybe because Obama is half white? The right has no better reason to hate him other than he is half black….

  • moabie

    We ought to change the libel laws so public figures can sue the spouters of this kind of garbage!

  • Kim Wilson-Young

    What a evil minded racist man this is, of course Fox gives him air time.

    • barbaralee12

      Fox gives all devils air time!To be truthful most of these people just want attention!Get me in the news and a spot on Fox and I am happy-now really will we hear anymore from him?

  • Simona McCowan

    This dude got members in Harlem? WTH!

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    I would hope that since the good reverend is mixing politics into his sermons that he has decided to forgo the tax exempt status that his church enjoys.

    • barbaralee12

      I agree -tax his behind today!

  • cryette04

    Where do you all find these nut cases? Stupidity is an equal opportunity presenter (Sarah Palin).

  • patricia wagstaff

    This pastor is a nut case..

  • Alicia Wofford

    This pastor needs to reread his bible ASAP I don’t even see how he calls him self a pastor, with all the pain thats in the world you want to waste your time bashing Obama, because he didn’t send you invite to the white and rub elbows with him come pastor get over youself ASAP repent for your sins and start all over.

  • Patricia Kidd Ryce

    I have heard so many youths make this statement, but I never thought I would make it, but for the good ole pastor, “Your NEGATIVITY is LUDACRIST!” I hope I spelled it correctly.