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Gallups Defends Claims Obama is Anti-Christ as Biblical Fact

A pastor who drew harsh criticism after announcing that Barack Obama is an anti-Christ insists he has biblical support for his claims.  This week, Pastor Carl Gallups defended his anti-Obama stance on the Dr. Laurie Roth Show and stated that the proof is found in the scriptures.

Gallups pointed to Luke 10:18, a passage that reads he “saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” Translated into Aramaic, the phrase ‘lightening from heaven’ becomes ‘baraq u-bama’, which according to the theorist’s interpretative method is then reinserted into the original passage, leading to the interpretation, “I behold Satan is Barack Obama.”

Experts such as Dr. Tom Findley, a professor of Old Testament and Semitics at Talbot Theological Seminary,  have pointed out that this reading relies on a misinterpretation of the Aramaic and Hebrew and that the word game is nothing more than “playing around with these languages in a rather silly way.”

Despite this criticism, Gallups insisted the interpretation is valid and a biblical fact.

“We’re not lying to you, we’re not tricking you,” Gallups, who has no formal training in Semitic languages, told Roth in defense of his biblical evidence. “This man is evil. He’s surrounded by evil people, he has evil designs for this nation, and again, we were called racists and conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat (wearers).”

Gallups fell short of calling Obama the anti-Christ and  instead defended his stance with another word game, by insisting that while he never called Obama  ‘the’ anti-Christ, Obama was certainly ‘an’ anti-Christ.

“I’ll tell you what Obama is,” Gallups told Roth. “He is an anti-Christ; he is a depiction of some of the characteristics of the anti-Christ who is to come.”

He concluded that he was called to continue to speak out against Obama and his perceived threat to America.

“The Bible also says that we are to be watchful, we are to be mindful, we are to know the season in which we live, so it’s my job and I don’t care if people like it or not,” Gallups said.

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  • Henry Morgan

    This no man of God only a fool and a a false prophet!!!

  • Wallace Sterling

    Just who in their right mind is paying any attention to this radical idiot??

  • PatNeal

    Just another nut job getting tax free money for his church!

  • Beverly Brown

    If anybody believes this, then they SERIOUSLY need their medication.

  • Charles Simpson

    The “Anti-Christ” is the Pope….PERIOD!
    Rule of thumb….never follow a faith that tell you to believe or do something that ISNT in the Bible….EVER!!

  • Dottie Unruh

    “And Judas hung himself. Go and do thou likewise.” (Also from the Bible…..) Take things out of context and you can make the Bible say anything. Idiots like this are the reason people are leaving organized religion in droves.

    • COMALite J

      My favorite example:

      • Exodus 8:10: “…there is no God….” (CEV & The Message)
      • Exodus 9:14: “…there is no God….” (EtR)
      • Deuteronomy 3:24: “…there is no God….” (EtR & GNT)
      • Deuteronomy 32:39: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except BB, CEV, D-R, Gnv, GNT, JST, JUB,Knox, LITV, MCB, Msg, NIRV, NJB, NLT, & WE)
      • Deuteronomy 33:26: “…there is no God….” (GB1599 & MCB)
      • I Samuel 2:2: “…there is no God….” (Exp, GB, & NCV)
      • II Samuel 7:22: “…there is no God….” (CJB, ERB, ESV³, EtR, Exp, HCSB, LEB, LITV, MEV, MCB, NAB, NASB, NCV, NIV², NLB, NLV, NRSV³, RSV³, UBv1.9, Voice, & YLT)
      • II Samuel 22:32: “…there is no God….” (EtR & PLT)
      • I Kings 8:23: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except CEV [Msg has this at verse 22], CJB, JST, Knox, LITV, Voice, & YLT)
      • II Kings 1:3: “…there is no God….” (Amp, ASV, Exp, ERB, ERV, ESV³, Exp, GB, GNT, HCSB, JPS, JST, LEB, NAB, NASB, NCV, NKJV, NIV², NLV, NRSV³, PLT, RSV³, & UBv1.9)
      • II Kings 1:6: “…there is no God….” (ASV, Exp, ERB, ERV, ESV³, Exp, GB, GNT, HNV, HCSB, JPS, JST, LEB, MEV, NAB, NASB, NCV, NKJV, NIV², NLV, NRSV³, PLT, RSV³, & UBv1.9)
      • II Kings 1:16: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except BB, CEV, CJB, EtR, GB, GNT, Knox, JUB, LEB, LITV, MCB, Msg, NJB, NLT, NRSV³, Voice, & YLT)
      • II Kings 5:15: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except CEV, LITV, Holman, & YLT)
      • I Chronicles 17:20: “…there is no God….” (CJB, ESV³, Exp, HCSB, LEB, MEV, NAB, NCV, NIV², NLV, NRS, PLT, RSV³, UBv1.9, & YLT)
      • II Chronicles 6:14: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except CEV [Msg has this at verse 12], JST, LITV, & PLT)
      • Job 12:6: “…there is no God….” (PLT)
      • Psalms 10:4: “…there is no God….” (Amp, ASV, BBE, CJB, Darby, ERV, ESV³, Exp, GB, LEB, LITV, NASB, NJB, NLV, NRS, PLT, RSV³, UBv1.9, & Voice)
      • Psalms 14:1: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except BBE, Msg, JPS, JST, LITV, & YLT [Knox has this in 13:1])
      • Psalms 18:31: “…there is no God….” (EtR & PLT)
      • Psalms 53:1: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except BBE, CJB, JST, LITV, & Msg [JPS has this at verse 2, Knox has this in 52:1])
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      • Isaiah 45:5: “…there is no God….” (all listed translations except CEV, CJB, EtR, Exp, JST, Knox, Msg, NASB, NCV, NJB, & Voice)
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      ¹ The KJV references (other than the two in the Apocrypha) are also found in the AKJV [American King James Version].
      ² The NIV references are also found in its variants including the NIV-UK and TNIV [Today’s NIV].)
      ³ The ESV, NRSV³, and RSV references are also found in their variants including Anglicized, Catholic, and Anglicized Catholic versions [NRSV Apocrypha reference {Sirach/Ben Sira 26:5} found only in Anglicized and/or Catholic].)

  • James Skidsen


  • James Skidsen

    dood. your ten minutes are up…. let’s find another idiot.

  • rosa

    if Obama was really the anti-Christ, this man would never have been alive to tell this story. we have all seen the The Omen.

  • FalconTypo

    Ha ha ha! Isn’t “biblical fact” an oxymoron in and of itself?

  • Freedom from Idiocracy

    Gallups is nothing more than one of the countless religious right minions of the far right who can’t even understand the King James Bible that he pretends to read. Gallups and the rest of his ilk would persecute Jesus Christ as being a liberal socialist today; just as he was two thousand years ago.

  • Maplede

    FEAR causes people like this Gallups fellow to become dellusional….there’s so much of that going around over the last five years since the election and re-election of our first African American President….

  • LyndaLBD

    Wont he be surprised to find he survived Obama? Sorry but the pastor is delusional and only looking for attention for followers to join his church to follow him.

  • Tina Hamilton

    If our president were actually the anti-Christ truly more people would love President Obama, this is the sort of crazy that drives people away from the church. This whack job is in need of medication. He needs to realize he will one day meet his maker. There are many lessons he could learn from reading his Bible and maybe having someone explain it to him. I feel sorry for anyone who listens to this crap.

    • COMALite J

      Also, if Obama or any other President of the USA were actually the Antichrist (actually, the Great Beast — “the Antichrist” never appears in Revelation), given that the great evil nation that is ruled by the Great Beast according to Revelation is known as “Babylon the Great” and is destined to be utterly destroyed by God in the space of an hour during the Great Tribulation, well — don’t these people also claim that the USA is some great God-established blessed Exceptional Exemplar Christian Nation, with Bible-based Constitution, and Fundamentalist Dispensationalist Christian Founders and Framers (despite the fact that Dispensatioanlism’s founder and inventor, one John Nelson Darby, wasn’t even born until December 1800)?

      So, if Obama or any other President (and thus ruler) of the USA actually were the Great Beast, and the Great Beast rules the evil and divinely doomed nation of Babylon the Great, what would that make the USA?

      They don’t think their own claims through.

  • glogrrl

    Start making him pay taxes for engaging in political speech while running a church….that’ll shut him up.

  • Tiger

    Okey, first you got to know what a christian is…

  • Laurie Harrington

    Why is this guy even in the news? Next they will be reporting on the guy who screams at birds.