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Pat Robertson Blames Woman’s Character for Abuse She Endured in Marriage

This week televangelist Pat Robertson told a woman who wrote to the 700 Club show for guidance that her character was to blame for the abuse she endured with her first two husbands.

“All of my marriages failed,” a woman identifying herself as Melody told the show. “I tried really hard to make them work but the last husband wouldn’t work or pay the bills and the guy before him was an alcoholic.”

In response to the woman’s concerns, Robertson placed the blame squarely on the woman’s shoulders.

“You’ve got a serious problem,” television preacher told her. “And I don’t think marriage is for you. You have picked a selection of losers. There’s something in your character that draws you to these men who are indigent or abusive. You don’t need to get married again.”

As biblical support for his claims, he drew on the New Testament account of the woman of the well, a  Samaritan woman who had been married several times that Jesus met during his travels.  Although Robertson noted that Jesus “did not condemn her,” he made it clear that Melody, who also had been unlucky in love, should not marry again.

“I don’t think you’re marriage material,” he added, to the approving nods of co-host Terry Meeuwsen.  While Robertson admitted Melody would not go to hell if she married again, she would be “making her own hell here on earth.”

The attack on the woman’s character was not the only outlandish claim this week by Robertson on his 700 Club broadcast.  One day before the episode featuring Melody’s question aired, Robertson told a family member whose nephew had come out as gay that the young man suffered from a mental illness and a background of abuse was likely to blame for “the delicate situation” that the man forced on his family by coming out.

“So what’s he going to pray about? Is he going to say something is wrong and he’s unhappy?,” he asked the aunt who sought Robertson’s advice on how to support her nephew. He added that only if the young man understood he was unhappy and to blame for his sexual orientation, then his aunt “might help him.”

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