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Ted Cruz Defends Dad’s Claims that Obama is ‘Just Like A Dictator’

In a recent interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Senator Ted Cruz defended his father’s claims that President Barack Obama was a dictator like Fidel Castro. During the Dec. 5 broadcast, the Republican from Texas pointed out that Obama’s words and handling of Obamacare have shown the President thinks he is above the law.

“Obviously there are enormous differences,” Cruz admitted to Ramos, acknowledging that the comparison of Obama to Castro was not a perfect one. “The United States is not imprisoning or torturing dissidents.”

However, according to the Texas Senator, his father was right in pointing out that Obama thinks he can act unilaterally and without the authority of Congress. “One of the most disturbing aspects of the Obama presidency is the willingness of this president to disregard the law, to ignore the law,” he noted.

Both the elder and Senator Cruz pointed to a moment in the State of the Union address where Obama said he would act on climate change, even without the support of Congress.  During the speech Obama promised, “If Congress does not act, I will act.”

Rafael Cruz, the Senator’s father and outspoken opponent of Obama told a tea party group that these words made Obama “just like a dictator.”

“I think the most ominous words I’ve ever heard was in the last two State of the Union addresses, when our president said: ‘If Congress does not act, I will act unilaterally,’” the elder Cruz said.  “Not much different than that old, bearded friend that I left behind in Cuba — governing by decree, by executive order, just like a dictator, like Fidel Castro.”

Pointing to the same phrase, Senator Cruz told Ramos during the interview that he agreed with his dad that Obama’s politics are dictatorial, something that has become evident with the President’s unilateral actions with Obamacare.

“A president under a constitutional system doesn’t have the ability to pick and choose which laws to follow,” the senator explained. “And that’s the same pattern you see in dictatorial societies, where a leader says, ‘Ignore the law, go with the power of the president instead of the written law.’”

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