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After FBI Denial, Conservatives Groups Still Claim SPLC Linked FBI,Terror

The FBI has denied that listing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a resource on its hate group website constitutes an endorsement of the organization.  The clarification from the federal agency was issued after a report by LifeSiteNews, which declared the FBI was in partnership with the “anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center,” went viral among conservative circles.

According to LifeSiteNew’s original report, the ‘partnership’ with the FBI constituted an unfair attack on “reputable Christian organizations listed as such [on the SPLC hate group list] for merely supporting traditional Christian values.” The listed organizations, such as the Family Research Council, largely oppose homosexuality, abortion and same-sex marriage.

The site further links the SPLC hate group to “at least one act of terrorism,” pointing to a shooting at the Washington DC headquarters of the Family Research Council, in which a 29 year-old shooter targeted FRC for its anti-gay message.

“The SPLC’s reckless labeling has led to devastating consequences,” said FRC President Tony Perkins after the attack. “Because of its ‘hate group’ labeling, a deadly terrorist had a guidemap to FRC and other organizations.”

Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of FRC added that the fact the shooter told federal investigators that he found information about FRC on the SPLC web site in court is reason enough for the FBI to disassociate itself with the organization.

“I find it incredible that a federal agency charged with protecting the American people allows itself to be connected to a group that was certified in court as the source that inspired an act of terrorism,” he said.

In response to the accusations, the FBI flatly denied it was in any ‘partnership’ with SPLC and in no way endorsed the independent organization which is still featured on the FBI site. “The resource link to SPLC is for informational purposes and not an endorsement of the organization or the information on their website,” a spokesperson for the FBI said.

LifeSiteNews ultimately issued a clarification stating that the FBI listing of the “extreme leftist group” is “a ‘resource’ is not an endorsement.”  However, the site maintained that the FBI and SPLC still have close ties.

“The FBI and SPLC have worked together since at least 2007,” LifeSiteNew’s second report states. “One project examined unsolved Civil Rights-era racial crimes, and in 2012 the Department of Justice invited a SPLC co-founder to present on diversity.”

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