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Petition to Revoke California’s Transgender Student Protection Bill Unlikely to Succeed

A right-wing coalition aiming to repeal California’s transgender student protection bill has so far come up  short on signatures needed to stop the bill from taking effect statewide on January.  Currently, after 37 out of 58 counties have completed their tallies, it appears unlikely that the group will garner enough support to place a measure to repeal the bill on the 2014 ballot.

Privacy for All Students, a coalition backed by conservative heavy-weights National Organization for Marriage and the Pacific Justice Institute had previously said that they had enough signatures to repeal the recently passed protection law, which gives transgender students the right to choose which bathroom they would rather use and the freedom to identify with their chosen gender in sports and other gender-divided activities.

Claiming to support traditional families, Privacy for All Students said their mission in repealing the law was simple. “We don’t want Sacramento legislating tolerance of damaging lifestyles and putting our kids at risk.”

In an e-mail campaign they asked the citizens of California to stand up to the ‘bullying’ that forced the law into existence by “those that were promoting a narrow agenda that ignored the discomfort and intrusion that would be caused by their move to sexually integrate bathrooms and locker rooms?”

As part of their ‘Modesty does not equal hate’ campaign the group also circulated a video, created by the Pacific Justice Institute that discussed the case of a transgender Colorado student who was allowed to use bathroom that aligned with her gender identity.  In the video, PJI interviews a number of girl victims who it states were ‘violated’ by the law, as well as a mother who insists, “You have private parts for a reason, and now they are not private anymore.”

The Colorado School District named in the video has since come out saying the incident of the transgender student peeking at the girls, as cited in the video, was false.

“[The school] did get the complaint and it turned out that it was fabricated by one of the parents who opposes transgender students in schools,” the school district reported. “So it was an unfortunate situation, to have to put the students through, but it was fabricated.”

Proponents of the bill also pointed out that there are no proven cases of sexual assault due to a transgender policy and the fuller inclusion of transgender children into the life of the school will give more students the chance to succeed.

“I’m so excited that California is making sure transgender students have a fair chance to graduate and succeed,” said Calen Valencia, an 18-year-old transgender student, and outspoken proponent of the bill said. “Now other transgender youth won’t have to choose between being themselves and graduating high school.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Privacy for All Students website

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