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Conservative Pundits: Liberal Media Hiding Arapahoe Shooter’s Leftist Leanings

Conservative pundits are crying foul after the Denver Post eliminated a reference to the Arapahoe shooter that called him a ‘socialist.’  According to one blogger, the move to remove any traces of Karl Halverson Pierson’s leftist leaning was aimed at protecting the “dangerous right-winger narrative” that paints conservatives in a negative light in the media.

In post published shortly after the shooting, the Denver Post had originally included a line from a fellow classmate calling Pierson “a very opinionated socialist.”

Later, the Denver Post edited the article, eliminating the word ‘socialist’ from the description of the 18-year who opened fire at Arapahoe High School in Colorado on Friday, critically injuring a 17-year old student before turning the gun on himself.

In the revised article, Arapahoe students are quoted as saying that he had political views “outside the mainstream” and also that “he had very strong beliefs about gun laws and stuff.”

The Denver Post’s removal of the description of the shooter as a socialist  raised the ire of conservative bloggers, many who felt the move was deliberate and part of a larger liberal media conspiracy that squashed any anti-liberal sentiment.

“Guess it didn’t fit their narrative that only right-wing Tea Party folks were the dangerous ones,” Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit, said in response to the move.

Joe Saunders, who writes for the BizPac Review agreed.  “If it fits the liberal narrative, it’s fit for print,” he said.  “If it doesn’t, the media considers it its job to obfuscate and omit, lie and play word games until it does.”

Saunders further explained, “So the news that Pierson was not only a socialist, but a violent socialist,  is apparently not fit to print in major newspapers like the Denver Post, Los Angeles Times or The New York Times.”

The Denver Post’s editor, Lee Ann Colacioppo, however, denies a conspiracy was involved and  responded to questions about the edit by explaining that the decision was based on the fact that the usage of ‘socialist’ in the article was allowing one student to label another one in a way that may not be entirely accurate.

“We decided not to have another student apply a label to the shooter,” she said via a tweet on Saturday “… a label the student likely didn’t even understand.”

Saunders and other conservative pundits, however, are not buying the Denver Post’s story and remain convinced that this edit is only the latest in a larger conspiracy that filters the news through a liberal lens.

“In Obama’s America, the media has its marching orders in its DNA now. All the news that fits a blinkered, biased, administration-countenance world view it prints,” Saunders warned, “The rest is for them to know – and you to find out.”

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