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Garrow: ‘Obama Had Hawaii Health Director Killed to Cover Up His Foreign Birth’

President Obama has been linked to another murder conspiracy by the so-called ‘birthers.’ Just weeks after James David Manning claimed Obama had a woman murdered in front of the White House to cover up his love child, birther activist Jim Garrow insists Obama is behind another woman’s untimely death.

On Dec. 11, Hawaii officials announced the death of Loretta Fuddy, a Hawaiian health official who issued a waiver allowing Obama access to his certified birth certificate signed by the both the delivery doctor and Obama’s mother.

Fuddy died in plane crash one day earlier.  She was the sole fatality in accident. Eight others were successfully rescued.

“You know there are no coincidences,” Garrow told conservative talk show host Erik Rush during a Dec. 12 broadcast.   He added that the “thugs that brought Chicago tactics” were responsible not only for Fuddy’s death but also the deaths of Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Tom Clancy.

“We are seeing murder, and murder is never appropriate,” Garrow continued, speculating that in the Fuddy case there is likely to be no autopsy and a quick cremation to further cover up the facts.

Garrow also speculated that if an autopsy were performed, it may be discovered that Fuddy was injected by someone on the plane with the same neurotoxin he insists killed Breitbart.

Like others in the birther movement, Garrow maintains Obama is not a legitimate President due to his foreign birth. Thus, he suspects Obama had Fuddy killed by his ‘thugs’ to cover up his actual birth information.

Yet, Garrow’s anti-Obama conspiracies go beyond a mere birth certificate cover-up, even one leading to a  murder of a state official. Last month, the birther activist claimed that Obama had plans to detonate nuclear weapons against US cities in order to gain a third term and to let George Soros get even richer by betting against the US dollar.

That mass-murder conspiracy was thankfully aborted after three patriots found out about the plans and put a stop to it, according to Garrow, who claims inside knowledge as a former intelligence officer.

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