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Conservatives on Sister Wives Polygamy Ruling: ‘Liberals Turning America into Brothel’

Utah has ruled that  a polygamous family can live together legally.  Reality stars the Brown family, who have chronicled their legal troubles on the TLC show ‘Sister Wives’ claimed in court that both their privacy and right to live their religious lifestyle were violated by the law which banned not only multiple legal marriages, but also cohabitation even among unmarried plural spouses.

Under the court decision, polygamy remains illegal, but polygamous couples can live together as long as there is only one legal marriage.  In the case of the Browns, Kody is married legally only to his first wife; the rest are spiritual unions.

The ruling met with sharp criticism among conservatives who called the Utah judge’s decision hurtful to women and children involved in polygamist relationships and predicted the ruling would lead to the breakdown of both traditional marriage and the entire nation.

“This is what happens when marriage becomes about the emotional and sexual wants of adults, divorced from the needs of children for a mother and a father committed to each other for life,” Russell Moore, of the Southern Baptist Convention said, adding that “Sadly, when marriage is elastic enough to mean anything, in due time it comes to mean nothing.”

Evangelical author and radio host Dr. James Dobson went one step further directly blaming the legalization of same-sex marriage. “Just as same-sex marriage led straight to polygamy, the destruction of the family will quickly undermine the foundations of the nation,” he said.

The American Family Association agreed, going as far to warn that the recent decision would ultimately lead to incest. “We warned from the beginning that once the biblical standard of man-woman marriage was breached, there would be no logical place to stop,” the group stated. “Though we have been accused of exaggerating and scare-mongering, this ruling shows that we were right all along to sound the alarm. Bans against incest are now at risk of being overturned.”

Gary Bauer of the For God’s Glory Alone Ministry added the polygamy ruling is one more way Barack Obama and fellow liberals are destroying the country.  “America’s leftist elites want to rip our nation away from Judeo-Christian values. If they succeed our shining city on a hill will just be another brothel.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/TLC

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