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Lopez: ‘It is Tough to Be an Anti-Gay Activist at Christmas’

Traditional family activist Robert Oscar Lopez recently lamented that it’s tough to be anti-gay at Christmas.  “At Christmastime, those of us who can see the truth about these gay issues face multiple conflicts,” he wrote in a Dec.15 op-ed in American Thinker. “We are increasingly pathologized as haters or else criminalized as the purveyors of discrimination.”

The son of lesbian parents who admits to being bisexual, Lopez said his past experience within the gay community will not allow him to be silent on the issue of the LGBT community even during the festive season of peace and love.

“I am a lifelong bisexual and the son of a lesbian.  I spent my teen years and twenties immersed in the promiscuous world of gay sex,” he said. “But I can’t hide and be quiet, because John 15:13-14 reminds me that God has ordered me to stand up for what is right on behalf of others.”

He admits his commitment to promoting an anti-gay agenda, however,  often is not well-received by his friends and family at the holiday table.

He recounts being told, “That’s how you see it, but not necessarily how it is,” when he preaches on the epidemic of homosexual rape he believes has pervaded the military and claims he has witnessed firsthand or “Let’s agree to disagree,” when he pontificates on the reason Governor Brown’s ban on anti-gay therapy was wrong.

Yet despite this backlash, Lopez said that he and other anti-gay activists are called to be witnesses against the LGBT community during the holidays. “In a time of chocolate cookies, fireplace stockings, and wrapping paper, I wish that John 5:13 didn’t remind me that these are among the things that God expects us to surrender,” Lopez said,  “It means we must speak a truth that others do not want to hear.”

He concluded that in honor of the true meaning of the season, anti-gay activists should use this Christmas season to speak out for their cause. “Christmas does not mean only presents, candy canes, and pageants,” he advised.   “It also means laying down what is most precious to us, to do as we’re commanded.”

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