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Conservative Pundit: ‘Liberalism is a Mental Condition’

Liberalism is a mental illness, according a recent guest on an American Family Association broadcast. Dr. Lyle Rossiter, who identified himself as a ‘almost retired’ clinical and forensic psychiatrist, developed his theory after noticing parallels between the way politicians and his mentally ill patients act, “particularly those on the left.”

Promoting his new book, ‘The Liberal Mind,’ he said that liberal politicians act in neurotic ways that are “residuals from early, early childhood.” While he stopped short at saying all liberals were mentally ill, he pointed out that the “the radical liberal mind” was in fact a “condition,” and a dangerous one.

Rossiter then explained that while most liberals suffered only from a “benign liberal mind,” and one that did not show signs of the neurosis of the radical left, the  mentally ill and child-like thinking of the radical left was infecting those benign liberals, causing them to be delusional about political realities and act in irrational ways that is hurtful to the country.

The “benign liberal mind,”  he told radio show host Tim Wildmon, is one that is misguided and ignorant of the political, ethical, moral and spiritual implications of their actions and does not “realize the extent of the destructiveness of the utopian, irrational fantasies” perpetrated by the radical left.

These liberal principles of egalitarian, social justice and other radical liberal notions will ultimately destroy the country, he further stressed, despite the fact the benign liberals think that by embracing these principles because “they want to pitch in, they want to help.”

Rossiter also said that many hard-working Americans are tired of these radical leftist thinkers influence in the “United Banana Republic of America” and may soon revolt against the radical liberals in Washington in order to stop the madness and corruption happening around the country.

“I think it is more than frustration, I think people are getting outraged and frankly angry,” he said. “If these people in Washington keep prosecuting their agenda I think there is going to be some kind of a rebellion in this country; I think people are going to be out in the streets because we collectively are not going to continue to put up with this kind of corruption.”

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